ML 6225 (Tek-Pro Packing)

• A proprietary blend of non-asbestos TEK-PRO yarns treated with PTFE throughout the packing.
• The PTFE suspension thoroughly seals and fills all voids providing better resistance to chemical attack.
• A light lubricant is applied under pressure to improve run-in properties.

Recommended for:
• Pulp and paper mill applications, recovery pumps, chemical applications, caustic soda.
• An excellent all-around general service chemical packing.

• pH range: 3 to 12
• Temperatures: 550°F/288°C
• Shaft speeds: 1885 FPM

The TEK-PRO yarns retain a greater volume of PTFE dispersion and are more uniformly distributed to provide longer and better sealing.

Multi-Lok Braid