Model VA standard

These diaphragm pumps provide flexible, reliable flow in
all circumstances. The design of the control valve
guarantees perfect operation that never jams and that
does not have to be lubricated even at low compressed
air pressure and high backpressure. Verder has chosen
those materials that offer the end user the best
combination of advantages. Both metallic and non
metallic versions are available.

Flow max.1060 l/min
Pressure max.8.4 bar

Model VA FDA

Model FDA is the hygienic model of double diaphragm
pumps. This new pump model is especially designed for
the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The FDA
pumps have a quick know down system: easy to clean
redesigned diaphragms increasing life time.

Flow: 0-568 l/min
Pressure: max. 8 bar

Model VA hygienic

These heavy duty double diaphragm pumps are
constructed according to 3-A standards. This pump
delivers the highest flow rate of any air operated 3-A
certified double diaphragm pump ever.

Flow: 0-565 I/min
Pressure: max.8.4 bar

Model VA high pressure

The high pressure range has exactly the same excellent
features as the standard pumps. Additionally they can lift up to 16 bar.

max.1060 I/min
Pressure: max.16 bar

Series V-MD

The wide choice of V-MD pumps is based upon the most
common OEM requirements for optimum flow and head
characteristics. At least 10 models are available in PP
and/or E-TFE. The major advantage for using the V-MD
pumps is total product containment; no unexpected
leakage. Connections are hose design or threaded.

Flow range: up to 100 l/min
Heads: up to 14 m

Series GPMD and GLMD
The GPMD and GLMD series are mid capacity mag drive
pumps with a very good price/quality relation. The
pumps are available in PP and ETFE (GPMD) and in ETFE
lined cast iron casing (GLMD). In general design the
GPMD and GLMD models do have some interchangeable
parts when comparing ETFE built versions.

Flow range:
 up to 1500 I/min
Heads: up to 40 m
Series TB, U and V&W

Verder offers you the newest mag drive series, with thrust
balancing (TB series) and universal purpose pumps (U
series). Also available is the V&W series, based upon the TB
series, vertical inline pumps with the same benefits and
features as the TB series. The patented Thrust Balancing
Design eliminates axial thrust bearings and provides the
basis for a controlled internal environment. This design
minimizes the issue of secondary containment by providing
secondary bearings.

Flow range: up to 300 m3/h
Heads up to 110 m

Series GPSP

The GPSP self priming mag pump is a high quality mag
drive centrifugal pump with best efficiency and fastest
working duty points. Model GV is constructed of PP
(housing material) whilst model GV(F) is constructed of
ETFE. Material choice on bushing and 0-ring is
carbon/FPM, ceramics/FPM or PTFE/FPM to provide
utmost application possibility.

Flow range: up to 400 I/min
Heads: up to 26.5 m

Series Global
Metallic mag drive series with great possibilities to cover
requirements according to ISO 2858, high pressure
system Pumps, and more basic pumps (style 1 Models).

Flow range: up to 70m3/h 
Heads: up to 100 m
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