Recon Seal
Modify Seal
Service & Repair Water Pump
Service Cooling Tower

Service Cooling Tower​

Flex Seal will provide a professional technical team to the site for checking and servicing the cooling tower with the following steps.

Service Top Entry Agitator Seal

Flex Seal specialises in servicing Top Entry Agitator Seals applied in different factories with different products, ranging from big sizes to small sizes Agitator Seals.

Customize Mechanical Seal

Flex Seal can customise and design special-made mechanical seals that can withstand high temperatures with chemical resistance to fit customers’ requirements and applications.

Modify Mechanical Seal

Flex Seal is capable of modifying mechanical seals for customers for different applications. We provide solutions to leaking issues by studying and modifying seals with professional knowledge and experience.

Re-Condition Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Flex Seal has been dealing for years with the recondition of mechanical seals produced by us and by other manufacturers. Reconditioning is the process by which the condition configurations of a seal, at the time of construction, are taken back in the worn-out seal.

Service And Repair Chemical And Oil Process Pump

We provide services mainly to oleo-chemical, soap, and edible oil factories. Moreover, we do provide services to Theme parks with water facilities, condominiums, hypermarkets and swimming pools as well.